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Christmas day is drawing to a close. I’m pretty sure I have eaten more in this day than i have eaten ever in my entire life.
All i can possibly do is lie down and enjoy some soothing music which most probably will send me back into, about, my fifth nap of the day..

My brother showed me this band, really lovely.
Hope you have had a merry christmas


Grandma’s diary’s.

I spent my last part of my foundation documenting my grandad and looking in to his routines, one day i found his diary which he kept as a reminder, (from 1999) from my grandma (his late wife), of all the birthdays, anniversaries and significant dates he needed to know. This then formed the outcome for my final major project, it was something that really interested me.

A couple of weeks after the end of my foundation me and my grandad were looking through his house and at the back of a food cupboard (why he put them there only god knows) we found a box of my grandma’s diarys. Thirty-seven of them. The oldest being from 1945 and the latest being from 1996 and many in between. I’ll probably be spending the next three (degree) years of my life looking and doing work with them, keep posted for any updates.


Such a bizarre but coool video.


One of those- why didn’t i think of that, things, so nice.

When you are down to the last inch and think you are running out of possibilities, sharpen your eye.

pencil tip sculptures
Dalton Ghetti
at the Power of Making (V&A)

Its nice to type.

Ever since picking up my type writer from a charity shop last year (for around £3 and it works like a dream) i have grown a massive interest in them. More so due to when i showed it to my grandad, he took it and started to do loads of crazy technical things with it (probably similar to this generation and iphones, ipads etc..) it was pretty impressive.

So instead of being the crazy cat lady i kinda want to be the crazy type writer lady. However due to my typical student financial situation i can not buy everyone i ever come across, so figured i’d just take photos of them instead. Heres a few I’ve seen dotted around so far..



In a ‘mapping’ workshop we were asked to go out, pretend to be lost and ask for directions from LCC to Waterloo station, if we had actually been lost i doubt we’d have ever made it to man just drew a circle and kept repeating “we are here”…not exactly what we needed to know..but at least some of them inadvertently made quite nice info graphics (very basic but still..)

I really liked this idea, i might extend this project. I am pretty much constantly lost in london, maybe one day i’ll leave my iphone at home (honestly could not get by without that thing) and see if i could make sense of peoples drawings- probably will be missing for days..

I always seem to get mega bored sitting still and doing nothing but i can do things like this for hours. I’m trying to learn how to henna properly..heres a design i drew on my flat mate a couple of days ago


Baths- Animals

Really interested in this band, ‘Baths’. Also check out their songs Rain Smell and Palatial Disappointment, just too nice.


I came across this piece of type when visiting my grandad at the home he’s in yesterday. It seemed kind of bleak, and ironic. The combination of the worn brown, and missing letters along side the sickly custard yellow walls seemed to contradict the statement, I unfortunately did not feel like the sunshine was brought to me through this type…


‘Cycling revolution London’

So the Mayor of London has started this crazy scheme where he would like the majority of Londoners to be walking or cycling as their main method of transport by 2012; I am totally for that idea, I mean its healthier, cheaper, better for the environment..what could be the problem.

Everyone is quite aware of what the roads of London are like and after considering the danagerous elements involved in cycling I decided I would participate and get on my bike, (after purchasing one… I haven’t had a bike since the age of about 13 ) this was until I became aware of bikes being vandalised and literally pulled apart when locked against railings. I don’t think the mayor has considered this factor when he has asked all londoners to get on their bikes, I would be far too worried to leave my bike in the street, id end up carrying it everywhere (not ideal)..Perhaps I shall continue to document any vandalised bikes, see if that some how helps…