‘Cycling revolution London’

So the Mayor of London has started this crazy scheme where he would like the majority of Londoners to be walking or cycling as their main method of transport by 2012; I am totally for that idea, I mean its healthier, cheaper, better for the environment..what could be the problem.

Everyone is quite aware of what the roads of London are like and after considering the danagerous elements involved in cycling I decided I would participate and get on my bike, (after purchasing one… I haven’t had a bike since the age of about 13 ) this was until I became aware of bikes being vandalised and literally pulled apart when locked against railings. I don’t think the mayor has considered this factor when he has asked all londoners to get on their bikes, I would be far too worried to leave my bike in the street, id end up carrying it everywhere (not ideal)..Perhaps I shall continue to document any vandalised bikes, see if that some how helps…


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