Grandma’s diary’s.

I spent my last part of my foundation documenting my grandad and looking in to his routines, one day i found his diary which he kept as a reminder, (from 1999) from my grandma (his late wife), of all the birthdays, anniversaries and significant dates he needed to know. This then formed the outcome for my final major project, it was something that really interested me.

A couple of weeks after the end of my foundation me and my grandad were looking through his house and at the back of a food cupboard (why he put them there only god knows) we found a box of my grandma’s diarys. Thirty-seven of them. The oldest being from 1945 and the latest being from 1996 and many in between. I’ll probably be spending the next three (degree) years of my life looking and doing work with them, keep posted for any updates.


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