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A fictional poster I designed inspired by book artist Irma Boom in a History Workshop last week. (I hadn’t heard of her before, but her stuff is really lovely if your interested in book design)

She pays attention to every detail of the books she makes, she often uses interaction to engage the reader, making beautiful designs. Some of her features: scented bindings, hidden motifs, elaborate colour codes, producing a 2,136 page book without page numbers, hacking pages with a saw.. (you get the gist..)

Therefore when we were asked to create a design using the essence of our given designer I decided I wanted to create something interactive (within reason)

The A2 print is covered in yellow post it notes with all the information of the exhibition on each individual one (date, location, contact info etc). Therefore (in theory) people could take a post it if interested in going to the event (saves the hassle of writing or remembering the info) and as the post its get taken the design print will be slowly revealed. I figured its also nice that each person gets a little, unique (info has been typed on with my type writer) piece of the design.


An Absolutely hilarious sign me and my brother saw in a church in our local area the other day. Last time I checked I didn’t think they used god as a way to guilt trip..but guess times have changed.


If only all advertisements were always this lovely. I mean yeah sure, from a design point of view the sign is a disaster, but its got that ‘I don’t know anything about design, but thats not the point’ charm about it.

Just something which brightened up my day.


while you wait.

I spent my day growing dizzy and delirious in the two lifts in my building.

Get out of the maze.

– A project about grids and spaces. I’ve started to become interested in mazes recently, both psychologically and visually. I drew up two mazes with two different coloured tapes in two lifts. The idea was initially to give people something to do during those frequent, awkward lift moments, I then decided to document how quickly the occupants could complete each maze. Asking only for Time and Gender, to see if the results were relative.

It would be purely luck, I imagine, which maze/lift each person got; red being the simpler maze and black slightly more difficult.

The mazes were in the lift for 10 hours. I got 50 responses.

Red Maze:
The most common result: 3.0 seconds.
The quickest time: 1 second.
The slowest time: 127 seconds.
Two people recorded that they could not complete it..

Black Maze:
The most common result: 4.0 seconds.
The quickest time: 0.5 seconds.
The slowest time: 30 minutes (typo?..)

I imagine i will make some sort of info-graphic with the data collected. I obviously have to take in to account people who have not documented their true score: my flat mate admitted to staying in the lift twice as long in order to complete it and also to documenting a quicker time..


David Mccandless- Ted link

David Mccandless

Just being a little bit nerdy and enjoying David Mccandless’ talk about the visualisation of data, he makes some interesting points.
(id probably suggest only watching it if interested in the subject matter, id imagine it being utterly boring otherwise..)


rainbow cakes.

Me and a friend made ‘rainbow cakes’ the other day in response to a colour spectrum workshop. It was a massively long process, but was worth it when it actually worked- and taste nice! (even though the sugar content probably could have caused some sort of sugar induced seizure) lovely all the same.


Positive pencils.

Brought these for a friend for her birthday, just thought they were quite nice (design etc). A bit of positive encouragement when hard at work..


this is just too true. the future of a graphic designer..


(found this on another blog, however found out today it was designed by a student at LCC in Letterpress)

Old things.

Just a few nice things i saw at an antiques shop in Chipping Norton the other day. With a lot of things i prefer old to new (with some exceptions, obviously..)


(ISHE project)booklet design

(above) a link to my first university project. (you may need to copy and paste it into your browser- haven’t quite got the hang of this linking business. Also if you press ‘click to read’ its not distorted, i hope…)

I learnt a lot from this first hand in, like never trust a printing company with the slogan “Impress every client every time” to impress you for your first time. ABC imaging, located in Farringdon, London (which i imagine i’ll be now boycotting) did not get my booklet printed in time, therefore I had do a last minute bodge job…was not the best way to begin the year, but oh well, we learn from our mistakes n’all…