while you wait.

I spent my day growing dizzy and delirious in the two lifts in my building.

Get out of the maze.

– A project about grids and spaces. I’ve started to become interested in mazes recently, both psychologically and visually. I drew up two mazes with two different coloured tapes in two lifts. The idea was initially to give people something to do during those frequent, awkward lift moments, I then decided to document how quickly the occupants could complete each maze. Asking only for Time and Gender, to see if the results were relative.

It would be purely luck, I imagine, which maze/lift each person got; red being the simpler maze and black slightly more difficult.

The mazes were in the lift for 10 hours. I got 50 responses.

Red Maze:
The most common result: 3.0 seconds.
The quickest time: 1 second.
The slowest time: 127 seconds.
Two people recorded that they could not complete it..

Black Maze:
The most common result: 4.0 seconds.
The quickest time: 0.5 seconds.
The slowest time: 30 minutes (typo?..)

I imagine i will make some sort of info-graphic with the data collected. I obviously have to take in to account people who have not documented their true score: my flat mate admitted to staying in the lift twice as long in order to complete it and also to documenting a quicker time..


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