A fictional poster I designed inspired by book artist Irma Boom in a History Workshop last week. (I hadn’t heard of her before, but her stuff is really lovely if your interested in book design)

She pays attention to every detail of the books she makes, she often uses interaction to engage the reader, making beautiful designs. Some of her features: scented bindings, hidden motifs, elaborate colour codes, producing a 2,136 page book without page numbers, hacking pages with a saw.. (you get the gist..)

Therefore when we were asked to create a design using the essence of our given designer I decided I wanted to create something interactive (within reason)

The A2 print is covered in yellow post it notes with all the information of the exhibition on each individual one (date, location, contact info etc). Therefore (in theory) people could take a post it if interested in going to the event (saves the hassle of writing or remembering the info) and as the post its get taken the design print will be slowly revealed. I figured its also nice that each person gets a little, unique (info has been typed on with my type writer) piece of the design.


One thought on “

  1. Liz Dixon says:

    Amazing, you’re going places Emily, fantastic and exciting places I’m sure.

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