This made me laugh.
It was 12 years after my grandma died when grand joined her, so in these 12 years he had some time to get set in his ways. Grandma was the type of women to go shopping every day (without fail) and would bring back tuns of bits and bobs, ‘bargains’ most likely. Anyway when she passed I’d imagine my grandad would have wanted to keep all these things, but where to put them? This was the fridge which was in his room next to his bed, twelve years and I never once wondered what was in the fridge. I then discovered that the fridge was not a fridge, it was in fact a cupboard; a place of storage. There was numerous board games and puzzles (a few unopened), mugs, jewellery boxes, toys and lots of little knick-knacks. This one image sums grand up, he didn’t like having things, he just used to worry where to put them, but he always seemed to find a perfect space.


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