Monthly Archives: March 2012

Clever, witty and just a brilliant song. Durex really has done well with this one.

100 pounds please.

I went to the Pick Me up exhibition today which is on at the Sommerset House this month. Anthony Burrill always makes me want his things and he had to go and make a limited edition FOIL BLOCK print, didn’t he. I’m so sad that I don’t have a pound to my name, let alone 100 of them to buy this lovely design, maybe next year. Oh and what made it worse was the ‘ugly’ frame that encaged it, totally off limits, sorry guys.


got bored so procrastinated by making an ankle bracelet out of some raddd multi coloured thread.


Crazy at 3am.

My flatmate is forever moaning about my hygiene levels and how I’m too messy and don’t clean everything enough. Last night she was bored and asked me for some inspiration. I gave her my Keri Smith ‘wreck this journal’ that i was given, she told me she couldn’t possibly be so messy in one book, i told her i couldn’t possibly contain my mess in one book. I was pleased to find this outside my door this morning, I imagine she went a bit crazy in the early hours of the morning and went on to complete the tasks. I think mess can be a lovely thing, in Bruce Mau’s ‘An incomplete manifesto for growth’ number 25: Don’t clean your desk. (you might find something in the morning that you couldn’t see the night before) I simply apply this brilliant philosophy to all aspects of life. Anyway i’d just like to congratulate Stephanie (the clean flatmate) for letting go, i know it must have been hard for you.


Nice patterned paper.

If someone wrapped up my presents in this instead of ruthlessly ripping it off in an overexcited craze id gently peel it back and wallpaper my room in it. I like the penguins the best.


(From top, left to right: Eda Akaltun, Golden Cosmos, Ben Newman, Jill Green, Ben Newman.)

way cool.

Frickin’ cool car park by designers Craig & Karl. I possibly could get used to parking if all car parks looked like this, possibly.


I absolutely love foil blocking, it makes everything look so lovely. I really want to include it in a project I’m working on, however I heard the other day that its really unsustainable, something about toxic chemicals and heavy metals making the products un-recyclable as it can’t be broken down. Bummer. I might try create some sort of similar effect but on a more sustainable and cheaper budget.


While visiting China I quickly noticed how bizarre the advertising is there, its pretty hilarious, mostly cheesy music and overly happy people dancing or singing or something. Just found this mentos gum advert, standard advertisement from china, with a little twist, brilliant.


lets all swing in brighton.

A fabulously designed post card I received in the post yesterday, it definitely does its job and makes me want to be in brighton doing some sort of swing dancing…


A vessel of information.

A couple of days after my phone being stolen I was in the bank filling out some forms when the guy helping me laughed at my hand and said if I were to have anything else to do I would probably need a bigger hand, this made me realise that without my phone I had no other way to document the things i needed to remember but on my body. I decided to document my hand every time a piece of information was recored during the two weeks I was phoneless, its kind of funny the mixture of information which made it on the hand. Now I have a phone again I wonder if this form of documentation will continue or if I will resort back to iPhone notes…