Crazy at 3am.

My flatmate is forever moaning about my hygiene levels and how I’m too messy and don’t clean everything enough. Last night she was bored and asked me for some inspiration. I gave her my Keri Smith ‘wreck this journal’ that i was given, she told me she couldn’t possibly be so messy in one book, i told her i couldn’t possibly contain my mess in one book. I was pleased to find this outside my door this morning, I imagine she went a bit crazy in the early hours of the morning and went on to complete the tasks. I think mess can be a lovely thing, in Bruce Mau’s ‘An incomplete manifesto for growth’ number 25: Don’t clean your desk. (you might find something in the morning that you couldn’t see the night before) I simply apply this brilliant philosophy to all aspects of life. Anyway i’d just like to congratulate Stephanie (the clean flatmate) for letting go, i know it must have been hard for you.


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