No head. Oh no.

I was going through a few (million) old family photos at my mums house the other day, while laughing at some hilarious photos from years ago i came across this, which i kinda thought was interesting. The first photo i found was the initial image here, the one of the bridesmaid, I just thought it was really funny, obviously it was meant to be a nice photo but because the film hadn’t wound on properly the girls head has mercilessly been chopped off. I put the photo to the side, not knowing what to do with it, then i came across another and another. In the end i had quite nice a collection of mishap’ed photographs. I think a lot of the time family photos are only nice if you know the people, when you dont, they just become kind of boring unimportant images, so i figured when you take out the focal point of the photo, it seems to become more interesting as an image. Anyway, i’m sure everyone has hundreds of photographs just like these; failed film, accidental shots, drunken mistakes, people being too tall for the camera so half of their head are missing………. etc etc


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