The Mind as Matter.

Today we decided to go to the Welcome Collection in Euston to see the ‘Brains’ exhibition which i have heard a lot of good things a bout. We spent a good few hours looking round. It was a really cool exhibition and i for sure would recommend everyone to go, i wasn’t sure if it would be interesting without a massive interest in the sciences, but they curated the exhibition similar to that of an art exhibition. The whole thing was designed really well, the posters, leaflets, books etc were obviously designed with intent and had a lovely and clean finish. Different artists and scientists had produced some really interesting work to educated about this complex and fascinating subject.

‘My Soul’
– Katharine Dowson, 2005.

This was my favourite piece. Dowson used her own MRI scans to laser-etch this 3D model representation of her own brain. I think both the aesthetics and the concept drew me to her work, its crazy to think about how intricate this would have been to make and that she managed to replicate her own brain to a very accurate scale. The block glass is used to play with the viewers perception, as from different angles the etching looks like a physical object. Just an absolutely brilliant idea and a lovely piece of art work too.

(images below from upstairs in the Welcome Collection)

Library of the Human Genome.

This was another piece i was really interested in, mainly because the repetitive design is really nice and looks lovely on such a big scale but also because of the concept behind it. This book shelf contains volumes containing almost a complete copy of the human genetic sequence. The letters represent the four chemical building blocks of DNA that make up the ‘recipe’ to build and operate a person. This particular sequence is a composite, sampled from a few people. If you compared your DNA with the 3000 million letters in these books, you’d find a few million differences. Some pages in these books contain the letter ‘n’, where the DNA’s structure makes it impossible for modern technology to read properly. – Another very clever and brilliant idea.

One thought on “The Mind as Matter.

  1. Brillient artwork, i love ‘My Soul’ by Katherine Dowson and the Library of the Human Genome..Just brilliant 🙂

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