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I was initially meant to leave a post prior to my departure but due to crazy deadlines and organising all types of things i didn’t have the time. So i thought i would leave a quick post, just to say that i am now currently in India, sitting in a chair with the forest as my surrounding view. We are here for just over 7 weeks and are currently in Goa, its monsoon season, which has hindered some activities that i wanted to do, however we literally have just been ‘chilling’ out, meeting some interesting people and have an amazing time, its just too lovely and peaceful here, i can understand why people end up wanting to stay. Our plan is to go up to Delhi and to Rajasthan but we have not decided when or how yet. When i return im hoping to have some work to show or some inspiration for new projects, keep posted on that front i guess.


Human Cameras.

My brother was just telling me about this slightly absurd, crazy idea. This is Josh Lake and Luke Evans’ final major (BA photography at Kingston). They decided to play with photography as a concept and did a human body experiment. They each swallowed 35mm pieces of film and allowed their bodies to digest the squares, they then excreted the film in the dark, used fixer on the film and scanned them into the computer using an electron microscope. They came out with three prints (above) of what both their bodies produced, the images are insanely clear and detailed, and just so lovely (if they can be described as lovely?) Anyway, I’m not sure i’ll be doing anything similar any time soon, but a very cool idea.


Post Secret.

Me and my flat mate watched this the other day, both almost crying (something in our eyes..) by the end. I really like the Post Secret idea where you send in self made postcards with a secret upon it. My favourite one from the selection showed in the video is the Starbucks one, i thought it was really clever and so true. I wish i thought of the idea, i think its real nice that he has this insane amount of information in a physical form from all over the world, its made me want to start something which involves gathering strangers data. Keep posted i guess.


Waste not.

While at the Barbican we also visited a smaller exhibition: ‘Waste Not’ by Chinese artist Song Dong. The artist decided to begin this installation after the death of his father and wanting to give his grieving mother a new purpose. The installation is built up of over 10,000 items collected by Song Dong’s mother over five decades. Its in tune with this communist idea ‘wu jin qi yong’ (waste not) some what a condition for survival during times of social and political upheaval. I thought this exhibition was really cool, just so much stuff in one space alone makes a really cool image. My flat mate called me a hoarder the other night after attempting to pack up my room for the year, perhaps in years to come ill put on a similar exhibition with thousands of unnecessarily kept objects.


A couple of us went to the Barbican gallery yesterday to go and see the current exhibition Bauhaus: Art as Life. It was a really interesting exhibition i thought, it was just really cool to see the range of work that was made by both students and tutors at the Bauhaus school during its fourteen year history. It kind of made me really want to go to a school like that, where you could just experiment with a number of different subjects and mediums (it kinda felt like a foundation but for a degree period, which would be so good). It kinda made me want to start playing around with graphics as an art medium a lot more and start learning new ways of doing things.


The end of the world as we know it.

During my Conspiracy theorist project i made this short stop motion, kind of as a joke toward this idea of the Illuminati taking over the worlds power after staging an alien invasion at the 2012 Olympics. (This is my first ever stop motion, don’t judge me). I wanted to focus on the celebrities that are meant to be apart of this group as i watched some really funny/clever videos on youtube during my research about their associations. Id have liked to play around with the sound but i didn’t have time so Jay Z was a quick, (appropriate?) choice.


what nice boring designs you have.

– Three of the most boring designs i think i have ever created, but still, there was a reason for that.

This was for a project about secret messages/signage systems. I decided to research into conspiracy theorists, which lead to the Illuminati, and this theory that groups such as the Illuminati are going to take over and start a new world order at the 2012 olympics, where there will be a fixed alien invasion which will cause panic and rash decisions (therefore leading into the new power). So crazy.

Anyway so after some intense research i looked into Psychology and what makes up a persons personality, as i figured there is a reason why different people believe in different things. I looked into the Myers-briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, which is a questionnaire designed to discover an individuals psychological preferences in how they perceive the world and how they make decisions (there are sixteen results). I then chose one type/result, one type of person that sed Illuminati would choose to start their new world with, what traits they would look for. I researched some more, I then discovered that each result had been given a name i.e. The protectors, the performers etc etc dependent on the results. The type i had chosen previously was named the ‘Guardians’. After coming up with a few ideas i chose to use the Guardian newspaper as my way of communicating between the group in a secret manner i.e. the illuminati would begin calling their members, ‘guardians’. I made the three posters with the newspapers (slightly boring but nice) design in mind. I wanted to put the posters up on the underground on the side of the escalators with advertisements, however this was a failed task as there was not enough time to stick them up while the escalator was still on, it simply resulted in a friend falling up the escalator and a man telling us off about the hazard we were causing. So instead a quick bodge job was devised at 1 am before the 10.30 am hand in. (see below.)

Some happy music.

A friend sent me this during deadline time, i thought it was lovely and made me happy during the un-slept hours.


The dying sketch book.

– Some sketch book pages from my current books.

Me and my flat mate were talking the other day about portfolios and how difficult they are to commute about with (especially in london, angry tube people do not take well to you trying to squeeze past with what is pretty much just an insanely massive book) it was then mentioned that one of her tutors said- well you won’t have to worry about that, one day all you’ll have to do it hand in a usb and that will be that. We thought how sad it was, that one day soon everything will be online. I think everyone needs to have a sketch book, it seems like this complete bizarre little space where all your rambles in your head just come out on the page, or thats my way at least. I mainly just write stuff thats in my head without thinking about it, most of the time it makes no sense or is stupid, but still nice to do.


A Facebook Diary.

Today was deadline day. Year one is finished, I didn’t sleep for 48hours prior to the deadline, i think i went crazy during that period. Alas, all work is done and i can now chill for awhile.

Here is my final piece for a ‘language’ brief. This was the result that came from the ‘wall of Facebook’ post i did about a month ago. After thinking about how i wanted to approach this brief i was flicking through my Grandma and grandads diaries (grand only had one), while i was flicking through them all i thought how nice it was to be able to read about their lives after they have gone, it was nice to know what they spent their time doing, even if the information was as meaningless as ‘went to shop to buy milk’ or ‘the weather was rather glum today so stayed in’. It got me thinking, when we are gone will there be anything left of us, or anything to show what we spent our average days doing. We all use the internet and most use social networking sites way too much, after thinking about it, our Facebooks are kind of like our diary, we document pretty much everything we do, events, birthdays etc etc, but the internet is growing so fast, in 60 years time it will most probably be something completely different and then will our information be lost? So i decided to use mine and my sisters Facebook timelines as our modern diary and bring it back to its original, physical form. I designed the two books, exactly the same and took inspiration from my grandparents diaries, i wanted the result to be similar to that of one you would buy in any general store, therefore perfect binding it, and hand making a cover which resembles some cheap attempt at mimicking leather. I then asked my sister to fill hers in and I filled in mine (i wanted to get the complete aesthetics of a personal diary, even down to the hand writing). The content is exactly as you would find it on Facebook, and on each day is the document of every status we have ever written. I then colour coded the book (obviously.)

There was three initial colours.
Blue- Status that is remembered being written.
Black- Status that is not remembered being written.
Orange- Status that is a ‘frape’ (when someone else has written it without you knowing.)

I wanted the diary to have a more colourful aesthetic so i then did a sub colour code about the content:
Yellow- Education/work
Pastel Pink- Family/friendships
Bright Pink- Romance/relationships etc
Turquoise- Social
Orange- Travel
Grey- Death
Green- Personal thoughts/emotions
Purple- Music/food
Blue- Material Objects.

I really liked the end result, its kind of interesting to be able to physically see as a whole what me and my sister have chosen to write about in a public way (Amys diary being the one containing more pink elements, mine more green/turquoise.) I think its interesting to think of Facebook in this way and it certainly makes you think about what you post, i’ll be more careful in future.