A Facebook Diary.

Today was deadline day. Year one is finished, I didn’t sleep for 48hours prior to the deadline, i think i went crazy during that period. Alas, all work is done and i can now chill for awhile.

Here is my final piece for a ‘language’ brief. This was the result that came from the ‘wall of Facebook’ post i did about a month ago. After thinking about how i wanted to approach this brief i was flicking through my Grandma and grandads diaries (grand only had one), while i was flicking through them all i thought how nice it was to be able to read about their lives after they have gone, it was nice to know what they spent their time doing, even if the information was as meaningless as ‘went to shop to buy milk’ or ‘the weather was rather glum today so stayed in’. It got me thinking, when we are gone will there be anything left of us, or anything to show what we spent our average days doing. We all use the internet and most use social networking sites way too much, after thinking about it, our Facebooks are kind of like our diary, we document pretty much everything we do, events, birthdays etc etc, but the internet is growing so fast, in 60 years time it will most probably be something completely different and then will our information be lost? So i decided to use mine and my sisters Facebook timelines as our modern diary and bring it back to its original, physical form. I designed the two books, exactly the same and took inspiration from my grandparents diaries, i wanted the result to be similar to that of one you would buy in any general store, therefore perfect binding it, and hand making a cover which resembles some cheap attempt at mimicking leather. I then asked my sister to fill hers in and I filled in mine (i wanted to get the complete aesthetics of a personal diary, even down to the hand writing). The content is exactly as you would find it on Facebook, and on each day is the document of every status we have ever written. I then colour coded the book (obviously.)

There was three initial colours.
Blue- Status that is remembered being written.
Black- Status that is not remembered being written.
Orange- Status that is a ‘frape’ (when someone else has written it without you knowing.)

I wanted the diary to have a more colourful aesthetic so i then did a sub colour code about the content:
Yellow- Education/work
Pastel Pink- Family/friendships
Bright Pink- Romance/relationships etc
Turquoise- Social
Orange- Travel
Grey- Death
Green- Personal thoughts/emotions
Purple- Music/food
Blue- Material Objects.

I really liked the end result, its kind of interesting to be able to physically see as a whole what me and my sister have chosen to write about in a public way (Amys diary being the one containing more pink elements, mine more green/turquoise.) I think its interesting to think of Facebook in this way and it certainly makes you think about what you post, i’ll be more careful in future.


One thought on “A Facebook Diary.

  1. Excellent….I love the way you have brought the ‘Faceless’ side of Facebook back to life and into the real world where the documentation can ‘not only be seen, but also touched and enjoyed in a 3D form’, great result, well done 🙂

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