The dying sketch book.

– Some sketch book pages from my current books.

Me and my flat mate were talking the other day about portfolios and how difficult they are to commute about with (especially in london, angry tube people do not take well to you trying to squeeze past with what is pretty much just an insanely massive book) it was then mentioned that one of her tutors said- well you won’t have to worry about that, one day all you’ll have to do it hand in a usb and that will be that. We thought how sad it was, that one day soon everything will be online. I think everyone needs to have a sketch book, it seems like this complete bizarre little space where all your rambles in your head just come out on the page, or thats my way at least. I mainly just write stuff thats in my head without thinking about it, most of the time it makes no sense or is stupid, but still nice to do.


One thought on “The dying sketch book.

  1. ‘Oh yes’ to the written word and hand sketched picture….long may they live on!….and ‘Film’..don’t get me started on this subject!…Great post 🙂

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