Human Cameras.

My brother was just telling me about this slightly absurd, crazy idea. This is Josh Lake and Luke Evans’ final major (BA photography at Kingston). They decided to play with photography as a concept and did a human body experiment. They each swallowed 35mm pieces of film and allowed their bodies to digest the squares, they then excreted the film in the dark, used fixer on the film and scanned them into the computer using an electron microscope. They came out with three prints (above) of what both their bodies produced, the images are insanely clear and detailed, and just so lovely (if they can be described as lovely?) Anyway, I’m not sure i’ll be doing anything similar any time soon, but a very cool idea.


2 thoughts on “Human Cameras.

  1. šŸ™‚ I very nearly sent you this same information last week šŸ™‚ See how quickly your passion for art returns!…Keep on a high, its where you should be šŸ™‚

  2. evkalondon says:

    I showed this to my Dad, cos he’s a photo guy and I thought he’d like it, but then he walked away as soon as I said ‘and then, they pooed it out…’

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