Monthly Archives: August 2012

Maps of India.

The joys of maps are still going strong. I picked up a few different maps while in India. One, really lovely, very old map showing the complete country in various colours, very, very delicate though, i was too nervous to hang it up for a photo incase it crumbled into a million indian pieces (explaining the lack of photo evidence here). Anyway, here is a little ‘road map of India’ book i picked up in an independent, book store in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I found it under a mound of different maps completely covered in dust. I really love the designs in this book, the colours, patterns, layout etc etc, all very lovely. I just thought i would show for any “map lovers” out there.


Children of India.

So I have been back from India for two weeks now, its been a pretty hectic couple of weeks trying to organise all of the things i should have organised prior to leaving, but anyway. India was a very insane two months. We ended up staying in Goa for three weeks which was lovely, it really is very difficult to leave that place. Then we headed up to Delhi, across to Agra, Jaipur, Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and finally back to Mumbai for the flight home. It was a crazy experience, seeing the cultural differences, it really is another world over there. I have numerous things i would like to post about, but too many to do at one time, so ill slowly post various things to show our time in India.

While being there i was most interested in photographing the children. In the indian culture, it is said that a mixture of charcoal and herbs, forming a black liquid, is good for the children’s eyes, therefore most of the babies and toddlers are running around with what looks like eyeliner all over their faces. Im almost certain it does not improve eyesight, but it did make all of the children look incredibly cute. Here are a few of the children i met during our trip.