Food Diary of India.

I decided while i was away that i would continue on with this documentation of the every day. I thought it may be interesting, simply to record every thing i consume on the trip (food only), i guess its interesting to see the variety of food we eat over a period of time in a different country, but my reason for doing this was to be able to visually see the quantity of ‘information’ (images) that is able to be recored from simply documenting one small part of daily life. I recorded 206 images of the food consumed over 7 weeks and two days of traveling in India. In some images you see, the food is for a group, in the Indian culture they would all bring a dish, then all sit round on the floor and share the food, eating with their hands. I have to say, i mastered the hand eating rather well, I’m kind of sad to have to go back to cutlery. Prior to the trip i thought perhaps we would loose weight while away, but due to the economy of india, we ate like kings.


One thought on “Food Diary of India.

  1. Sarah says:

    this looks pretty cool all the photos together.

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