Let there be Light.

genisis highlightedtim fishlocks what watt collationjim campbell scatter lights collation10 000 library bookstunnels of light japan

I’ve been noticing a lot of installations utilising light lately. I think light kind of speaks for itself. It doesn’t seem to matter how nice or ugly the curation is, as soon as a large quantity of light appears at once it automatically creates a lovely notion. I began thinking about the use of light on Bonfire night, when everyone as a generalisation always has the same reaction to an exposure to controlled light “ooo, ahh” etc etc. This idea kind of encouraged me to think about how i could incorporate light into my own work.

Above are some of the nice examples.

From Top to Bottom;

What Watt? by Tim Fishlock. The chandelier is a memorial and a celebration to the incandescent lightbulb, all forms of incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in favour of greener alternatives. What Watt? marks the passing of a beautiful design that remained relatively unchanged since its invention 130 years ago.

Scattered Light, Madison Square Park by Jim Campbell. A 50-foot-long, 80 foot wide, 16-foot-high and 16-foot-deep structure supporting over 1,600 lightbulbs fitted with LEDs, which are programmed to display a low-resolution, moving image as individual pixels. Campbell has
been playing with low resolution for several years now, experimenting with perception and the amount of information required to make an image recognisable in the human mind.

10,000 Glowing Books, during the ‘Light in Winter’ Festival, Melbourne, currated by Luzinterruptus. Over 10,000 books thrown out by public libraries were recently given new life in a beautiful new lighting installation. The river of glowing books invited passersby to leaf through the volumes that had been forsaken for the dump and take them home.

Tunnels of Light, Winter Illuminations at Nabana Nosato, Japan, 2012.


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