What is Genius?


For my current project I decided to create a short questionnaire as I was struggling to pin point a concept i wanted to pursue. I knew i wanted to continue researching and making work around this idea of having a creative genius, but i wasn’t sure why or what for yet. I decided i needed to receive peoples opinion on the subject at hand in order to progress further. I kept the survey very simple as at the time i did not yet know what my intentions where to be and did not know what i hoped the responses to be. I asked seven questions; age, gender, occupation, what they believe the definition of ‘Genius’ to be, A scale from 1-5 based on how intelligent they believe themselves to be, whether they believe themselves to be a ‘Genius’ and whether they believe they have the potential to create something of ‘Genius’ quality or not.

After receiving the results back, i was most interested in the definitions (however as a collective, the definitions where all very similar- not much scope for work), (the image above being one of my favourite definitions). I also was interested in the result of people believing they have the potential to become a Genius. While 67.5% of the recipients answered ‘no’ to the question ‘would you consider yourself to be a genius’, the exact same percentage answered ‘Yes’ to ‘do you think you have the potential to achieve something of ‘Genius’ quality’. I thought this was a really lovely idea, and decided that for my brief i would attempt to create the notion that everyone has the potential to achieve something of ‘genius’ quality.


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