The Curated Object.

the curated object 1The Curated object

Micah Lexier’s (the artist who wrote the article in my last post) collection of objects on view for the month of January.

Micah Lexier: Twelve of One

January to December, 2010
First Installation: 
January 6, 2010

A year-long exhibition consisting of twelve consecutive vitrine displays, each lasting one month, each changed at the beginning of the month, starting January 2010. The displays consist of a selection of items including stationery, street finds, the backs of things, altered books, coins, packaging, printed cardboard, metal objects, forms, measuring devices, games, labels, and other printed materials. A boxed collection of twelve pamphlets has been produced in a signed and numbered edition of fifty, plus 10 artist’s proofs.

Micah Lexier is a Toronto based artist. He curates occasionally and collects often – generally items made of paper, including out-of-print conceptual art documents, printed cardboard boxes, and various items found on the street. He has a deep interest in measurement, numbers, and the kinds of casual marks we make in our day-to-day lives. Lexier has presented over 90 solo exhibitions, participated in over 150 group exhibitions and produced a dozen public commissions.

I really like the images above, and that he has simply just displayed found items to make something new and lovely.


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