Desk is Plant.


– The final outcome for my project ‘Between Space’.

‘Desk is Plant’, i wanted to create the idea that instead of having a plant on your desk, instead your desk is immersed in nature, it is the plant. The desk, in its current state, is not the final piece; when the plants begin to grow fuller, the concept will flourish and the visuals will richen. I like the idea of creating something which can continue to adapt after i have finished making it.



Desk with Built in Flower Pot.


After thinking about work spaces in relation to growth i decided to experiment slightly differently.I decided to incorporate furniture design. Here is a small experiment, thinking about adapting the space/object to make room for growth, rather than adding it on top.


Suppose Design Offices.


Really lovely designed offices -combining the workspace with growth, nature, the outdoors etc. I really like this idea of immersing the workspace with nature, rather than simply bringing it into the work place (ie a plant pot on a desk) incorporating it into the design, adapting the space to work alongside the growth. Something to start thinking about in the context of my project perhaps.


Hanging Bag Plant.


The other day i was at work when i was asked to go pick up 20 or so limes from the shop. I really liked how they fell into the bag and the bag took to their shape, I thought this might be nice to re-enact with a plant. I was slightly disappointed with this outcome, the bag was a bit too big, so the soil didn’t stay compact. Still the vibrant colours work nicely.


Flowers in a Box.

Vans Flower Bed Box.


Flower Box.


Following on from confined spaces, i wanted to see if plants/flowers can be grown in a small space, this is kind of an ongoing documentation so i will record the plants each day and see how it goes. I wanted the latter experiment to act as a mini greenhouse with a glass/plastic top, however the plants were too tall for the little structure I made, so it kind of just acts as a miniature flower bed. I have now placed the two boxes on my kitchen window still, my flat mates say they feel happier already.. (growth = happiness etc etc)


Watermelon as Tree.


Experiment four. So far my experiments have been quite small, here i was wanting to create something big growing from something much smaller, i want to continue collaborating together space and nature.


Community of Practice.


For this project we were told to find a ‘community’ in which our work, or, ourselves, could be a part of. I’ve been looking into Critical Design and Speculative Design. I quite liked this definition, i like the idea of my work provoking questions.


Orange Peel Plant.


Experiment three. This is my least favourite piece yet. I think there is something in this idea though, attempting to repair something of nature and giving it a new purpose. However aesthetically i don’t really like the execution, i think simply the combination of dark thread and cross stitch seems kind of ugly. But i guess sometimes ugly can be good, pretty things could get boring…?


Pineapple Plant Pot.


– Continue making while thinking.

Experiment two. I just wanted to play around really, see what works, what doesn’t etc. I thought perhaps to try and make plant pots that could be practical, for example the peppers will begin to decompose, i wondered if i could use other fruit/vegetables that could with stand long enough to allow the plants to grow. Pineapple Plant Pot is a result of this thought. I also began to think of the object as a composition piece after making it, i think having the pineapple stalk along side the pot adds something quite nice, not sure what yet though…


Pepper Plants.


I started to over think everything too much. How could i combine space and growth and nature and apply this in a design related way, how would i engage my audience, what community of practice would i try and engage etc etc. I forgot for a moment that i was meant to be making while thinking, so thats what i did, i made while i thought, and this was the first result. I was really pleased with the aesthetic results, i didn’t have a clue what would come from planting flowers into vegetables, but i knew i enjoyed making them and at this point that was enough.